Bransje: Leverandør av løsninger, tjenester og produkter innenfor offshore, energi og maritim industri

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SEAM AS is a leading supplier of hybrid and fully electric solutions to ships and the maritime business.

Our portfolio consists of complete systems and products ranging from integrated control- and automation systems, EMS/PMS, propulsion control, drives, switchboards, electric motors, transformers to bridge solutions. Our wide range of products are named e-SEAMatic® and e-SEA®.

Our extensive scope of work can be applied with great success to both new builds as well as retrofit and conversion of existing vessels. We focus on enabling our customers to take an idea or request from concept to integrated and fully functional product or system. This is particularly the case for technology to achieve zero emission or significant reduction in emissions.

In addition to our complete solutions for the maritime segment, we also have a wide range of customized products aimed at the landbased industry as well as a well established and extensive service and support for our customers both on onshore and offshore.